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"History is alive and well" should be the slogan for the West Volusia Historical Society.  This becomes apparent through the many activities sponsored by the society which includes special events, senior citizen activities, lectures, slide presentations, and children's programs.  To find out more click on one of the topics below.

Membership ~ Print out our membership form and join our society! Mission Statement ~ The purpose of our society and our goals.
Books & Videos ~ The books and videos about DeLand and West Volusia County that our society produces. Special Events ~ Upcoming events and programs that we put on that you can be involved in.
Bill Dreggors ~ a wonderful folk historian whose many talents include a portrayal of Henry DeLand.


Membership Form

Name: _______________________________                     Date:_____________
City:_________________________________  State:_____ Zip:__________
Home Phone:_________________________ Work Phone:_______________

New Member:__________________    Renewal:_______________________
(Memberships received in October, November, or December will be credited as dues paid for the upcoming year).



Student $10.00
Single $20.00
Family $25.00
Business $45.00
Patron $100.00
Lifetime Single $200.00
Lifetime Family $250.00

Please make checks payable to:  West Volusia Historical Society
137 W. Michigan Ave, DeLand, FL 32720


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Mission Statement

Collects, preserves, and exhibits the archives of West Volusia.

Maintains a library with an extensive collection of books, photos, newspapers, and video interviews for research.

Provides educational programs about the local history in the schools and to civic organizations.

Oversees the day-to-day operation of the Henry A. DeLand House, Robert M. Conrad Educational and Research Center, and the Memorial Hospital Museum.

Offers a work study program to Stetson students.


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Books & Videos

  • Books

    • A Century of West Volusia County 1860-1960

    • Story of DeLand & Lake Helen Florida

    • Wooden Fish Songs

    • Don't Tell Mother

    • Florida Cracker Cookbook

    • History of Volusia County Schools

  • Videos

    • Blue Spring, "Gem" of the St. Johns

    • Florida's Giants, the Bald Cypress

    • Ghost Towns of the St. Johns

    • History is Alive

    • History of DeLeon Springs

    • Lue Gim Gong - The Citrus Wizard

    • St. Johns River - Steamboat Era

    • DeLand - As You Can Remember It

    • The Founding of a City - Henry A. DeLand 1876

    • DeLand - The Next 30 Years 1890-1920

    • The Volusia County Fair - The First 100 Years

    • John B. Stetson in DeLand, Florida

    • Hotel College Arms and Golf Course

    • Stetson University, Its Early Years 1883

    • DeLand, WWI Era

    • DeLand in the 20's, "The Boom Days"

    • DeLand during the Depression and WWII

    • DeLand in the 50's - Post War Boom

    • DeLand in the 60's & 70's - Moving On

    • Early Homes In DeLand

    • The First Airplane Comes to DeLand - 1918

    • The Navy Lands in DeLand

    • Planes Over DeLand  1943 - 1946

    • WWII Ends Navy Base Closes - 1946

These are available for purchase in our Gift Shop or by mail.

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Special Events

  • Monthly meetings ~ held every third Tuesday of the month, from September through May.  Meetings are free, open to the public, with a guest speaker and exciting program.  Refreshments are served.  Please come and join us in the Conrad Center (located next to the DeLand House Museum) at 7pm!

  • Echo Ranger Programs ~ is a countywide program that encourages children and their parents to discover Volusia County's resources through weekend events.

    October 20th - Henry DeLand's Birthday

    January 19th - Pomanders & Citrus Cookies

    February 23rd - John B. Stetson

    March 16th - Pomanders & Citrus Cookies

    April 27th - Steamboats on the St. Johns

    May 18th - Pioneer Clay Busts

    Cracker Hob Nob ~ New Program! Cracker Hob Nob is designed to keep history alive. This new program will feature guest speakers and will cover a new topic every month. Designed to bring the citizens of DeLand together to reminisce and remember when. The program will be held the first Saturday of every month from 10:00-11:30am at the Conrad Center located at The DeLand House Museum, 137 W. Michigan Avenue.

    October - Fishing and Hunting

    November - The Navy in WWII

    December - Cracker Christmas

    January - The Roaring 20s - Rum-runners & Moonshiners

    February - The Volusia Lowdown - Volusia County Politics - 1920s-1930s

    March - When Oranges Were King - Citrus Industry

    Cut & Run - Turpentine & Saw Mills

    May - Unsung Hero - Tuskegee & Charles Bailey


    For more information regarding these programs please call us at (386) 740-6813



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bill henry.jpg (277111 bytes) Bill Dreggors bill.jpg (1230258 bytes)

William Joshua Dreggors, Jr., usually known as "Bill" Dreggors, is a fourth generation Floridian and a lifelong resident of DeLand and Volusia County.  Bill always experienced a strong interest in the history of his native surroundings and has retained all the knowledge gained since childhood and throughout his adult years.  He became a collector of artifacts that have become a part of over 130 slide programs over the early years of Volusia County and Florida.   His presentations include little known facts and colorful folk stories as well as historical points of interest.  Drawing on his vast knowledge, he has developed   his ongoing impersonation of Henry DeLand, the town's founder, and has become affectionately known as "Mr. DeLand."  Bill has served as president of the Historical Society for 5 terms and is presently Executive Director.  Some of Bill's favorite endeavors are his lectures and appearances before groups of school children and various senior citizen and elder hostel organizations and he continues these commitments at every opportunity.  If you are interested in having Bill come to talk to a group please contact (386)740-6813.

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